Thursday, 31 December 2015

Ballarat Beauties

It was so nice to get away for a few days to country Victoria for a G'nT Sisters get away in Ballarat. Judy showed her AWS quilted top that just needs the binding sewn down (see previous post for pics) and a beautiful lap quilt based on Di Ford's Jane's Garden design. She has used some leftover fabric from AWS. I think there's one more border to add.

Lynne is also on a mission to use up leftover fabric from her AWS, she and Judy are both making Brinton Hall (Quiltmania issues 107 & 108). It was fun choosing fabrics for Lynne's centre medallions...

This quilt is going to be stunning! Judy has finished her centre medallions (sorry I don't have any pics) and is now making lots of hexies for the pathways and surrounds. Don't you just love that sweet little Star A Day pincushion?

Sophie has basically finished all of her blocks which is very exciting, she laid them all out for a bit of tweaking on the final layout.

She has also cut out the sashings and keystones and it's looking fantastic.

I think I might use some of those blue floral circles in my Blue AWS, if only Sofie can find where she put that fabric. Here are my blocks laid out, I'm going to use the same sashing fabric.

I spent most of my time working on Block #18.

Lynne is approaching the finish line having completed the broderie perse triangles...

...and is finishing off the last block.

Thanks to some exciting news we all have a new project to work on - Judy is going to be a grandmother for the first time!!! Which of course means a quilt must be made and Baltimore Bunnies has been chosen.

We are all going to make blocks using Judy's fabulous stash of 30s and retro fabrics. The brief is to 'keep it colourful.'

Here's Judy making binding for the stems and Lynne preparing her block.

Lynne's block getting approval from one of the cats (not sure if that's Stanley or Rupert)...

...and Sofie preparing her block.

These are the fabrics I have chosen for my block.

We'll have to hop to it ( sorry for the poor pun) as we only have 6 months to finish it!
Wish us luck and wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016 from the G'nT Sisters.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

When Judy met Jo

Sounds like a movie title but on the weekend Judy had the good fortune to meet the famous fabric designer Jo Morton at Quilts in the Barn. Here they are looking at different fabric possibilities for Judy's AWS.

Jo Morton fabric Antique Wedding Sampler quilt Di Ford

Yay! Leonie had the perfect the perfect Jo Morton fabric for the binding - endorsed by Jo herself.

Judy's AWS quilt looks stunning and it attracted other quilters at the Barn like bees to a honeypot. Jo was impressed and took a photo of it too.

Jo Morton fabric Antique Wedding Sampler quilt Di Ford

So yes, since our last post Judy has finished the top and had it quilted by the wonderful Katrina who once again has worked her magic and done a brilliant job on the quilting.

Judy searched high and low across the globe for the sashing fabric and finally found it in country Victoria  - it was well worth the search.

Doesn't it look fabulous and right at home on my bed - maybe it should stay there :)

I couldn't make it to our last get-together and no-one else took photos so I don't have any pics from Lynne and Sophie, though I believe they are getting close to finishing their tops. I've finished the broderie perse on block #1 of my blue AWS.

Antique Wedding Sampler Quilt Di Ford Block #1 broderie perse

Antique Wedding Sampler Quilt Di Ford Block #1

We probably won't catch up again until after Christmas so wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the G'nT Sisters.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Excitement +

Our G'nT get-together was very exciting this month as Judy and I both had quilts on display as part of the Australian Applique Guild's display at this year's Victorian Quilters Showcase exhibition. I had my Antique Wedding Sampler (re-visited)...

Lynne, Judy, Me & Sofie
A Quilt Angel showing the label for my AWS

... and Judy had her 'Bunny Love'.

The photos are a bit dull because of the low lighting. It was great to be able to share the thrill of having your own quilt on display. Judy and I also spent some time volunteering on the Applique Guild table, it was nice getting to know some of the committee members and giving impromptu applique demonstrations.

Then it was back to Judy's and a case of 'Occupy the Dining Table!' 
It's amazing how we can manage to keep track of what belongs to who.

There was the usual Show and Tell so we could see what everyone had been working on. 
I had finished a block for Judy's quilt.

Block #25 by Carole for Judy's AWS

Judy's Block #23

Judy's Block #15 (cute house!)

Judy's Block #22
 The block below is a special one designed by Judy which she based on one of the blocks from the original inspiration quilt. I wish it had been designed before I finished my quilt.

Judy's own design 
Can you spot the original block?

Sofie's Block #19

Sofie's Block #16 (broderie perse re-worked)

Sofie's Block #18 (another one with broderie perse re-worked)
Judy and Sophie have been setting a cracking pace it and will be a close run thing as to who will be the next to finish. Then again, Lynne has just commenced some well deserved long service leave so who will it be????

Lynne's Block #25
Lynne's cute siticheries for a baby quilt.
Our favourite thing is to help each other select fabrics for the next blocks.

Sofie wants me to renovate her Block #5 as she no longer liked some of the fabric choices - this will be my homework.

Then it was down to the business of actually sewing (wearing the G'nT uniform of flanellete pjs of course).

This time we also watched the movie The Making of an American Quilt. This could be our new tradition watching a movie that includes quilts. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Stepmom or the The Descendants - George Clooney and a fabulous Hawaiian quilt, what more could you want?!

Google image

Til next time.