Tuesday, 1 December 2015

When Judy met Jo

Sounds like a movie title but on the weekend Judy had the good fortune to meet the famous fabric designer Jo Morton at Quilts in the Barn. Here they are looking at different fabric possibilities for Judy's AWS.

Jo Morton fabric Antique Wedding Sampler quilt Di Ford

Yay! Leonie had the perfect the perfect Jo Morton fabric for the binding - endorsed by Jo herself.

Judy's AWS quilt looks stunning and it attracted other quilters at the Barn like bees to a honeypot. Jo was impressed and took a photo of it too.

Jo Morton fabric Antique Wedding Sampler quilt Di Ford

So yes, since our last post Judy has finished the top and had it quilted by the wonderful Katrina who once again has worked her magic and done a brilliant job on the quilting.

Judy searched high and low across the globe for the sashing fabric and finally found it in country Victoria  - it was well worth the search.

Doesn't it look fabulous and right at home on my bed - maybe it should stay there :)

I couldn't make it to our last get-together and no-one else took photos so I don't have any pics from Lynne and Sophie, though I believe they are getting close to finishing their tops. I've finished the broderie perse on block #1 of my blue AWS.

Antique Wedding Sampler Quilt Di Ford Block #1 broderie perse

Antique Wedding Sampler Quilt Di Ford Block #1

We probably won't catch up again until after Christmas so wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the G'nT Sisters.


  1. Judy's quilt is just breathtaking! How fun to have Jo help choose the binding--that must have been quite the thrill! Your blocks are so pretty--my kind of colors.

  2. Gorgeous quilt. An exciting brush with quilting fame!

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