Saturday, 30 May 2015

May update

The Sisters got together earlier this month at Judy's place to work on our Antique Wedding Samplers There's always plenty of quilts and animals and we tend to stay in our PJs...

I was busy putting all of my blocks together in time to be considered for the Applique Guild display at Jeff's Shed in July. You can see my finished top here.

Lucky checking out our progress
 Judy had finished her quilt for her daughter's wedding and it was selected for the Guild display so we will both have a quilt on show.

'Bunny Love' based on Tarocco by Susan Smith
Judy's own designed block in honour of the grand bunnies.

Here are Judy's latest AWS blocks...

Judy's AWS Block #17 
Judy's AWS Block #18
Sofie had been VERY busy with her AWS blocks...

Sofie's Block #23

Sofie's Block #16
Sofie's Block #12
Sofie's Block #10
Sofie's AWS Block #13 in progress

Sofie's Block #4
Sophie is also making a blue version of Kathy Schmidt's Simply Red for her son.

Lynne has been naughty working on other projects. A quilt that Judy had designed (incorporating some sitchery designs from Bronwyn Hayes) and they had both sewn together for Lynne's grand daughter had been brought over for some repair work.

One section had been damaged so Lynne appliqued a butterfly on top to mend it.

Lynne is starting her grand daughter young by taking her shopping at Millrose Cottage for a doll quilt. 

As you can see we have all been very productive, stay tuned for a final AWS finish in June.


  1. I have to say that you women are tempting me to make my own AWS quilt! Love the little butterfly repair - my Mom does the same thing but she uses bees!

  2. You have a very talented family--how fun to all share the same interests too!